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About Us

We're Hartwood Beer, the premier beer distributor in Glenshaw, PA. We're your destination for your favorite local and craft beers. Our shelves are lined with a wide variety of brews, so you'll be sure to find something that suits your taste. We also offer expert beer advice, beer tastings, kegs, and much more. Since 2011, our family-owned business has been dedicated to helping the community appreciate the numerous craft breweries that we have in the Pittsburgh area and providing our customers with the highest quality craft beer at great prices while offering a shopping experience that is both fun and educational. Stop by and shop the area’s best selection of locals, crafts, IPAs, ciders, stouts, and sours.

Areas Served

Hartwood, PA | Glenshaw, PA | Hampton, PA | Shaler Township, PA | Cheswick, PA | Fox Chapel, PA | Dorseyville, PA | O'Hara Township, PA | Butler County, PA | North Hills, PA | Etna, PA | Indiana Township, PA

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On 6/15/2024 Jacob Grmek had this to say:
Amazing selection of both local and not so local beer. Definitely a breath of fresh air considering most grocery stores have mainly domestics with the occasional gem thrown in. Not only are there a variety of breweries, they also have a great selection of styles and number of beers within each style. 100% worth the stop.

On 12/22/2023 Elli Jeffi had this to say:
HUGE selection in a small space. You don't need to get your steps in here, easy to find anything. Staff is kind, happy and helpful. They have been happy to do special orders also even without me asking. Highly recommended.

On 10/3/2023 D V had this to say:
There was once a dark and cold time in my life when I did not have a reliable beer outlet. It was circa 2021 when myself and my beloved wife Emily moved back to our ancestral home of Pittsburgh. In our previous arrangement, we had access to some of the best beers on the east coast. However, when we moved back here, we were stuck and wanting! There were…. some options for delicious beers. We could probably forage around our local distributors for the occasional craft hit, but nothing with a reliable, consistent slew of selection that could scratch the boozy brain itch we would get once a weekend. For us, this was about more than beer… this was about adventure. Well lo and behold, a close associate of mine recommended we peruse the dark alleys of Glenshaw for a mysterious “Hartwood”. Truth be told, we did not live very close to Glenshaw and it was not somewhere we would go for no reason, but our interests were piqued by such a gleaming recommendation. When we arrived, I felt like I had seen the inside of the briefcase at the end of “Pulp Fiction.” Not only was there a wide selection of macros available that would satisfy the taste of most patrons, but there was a dedicated network of craft bangers that would soothe the hoppy tooth of any IPA lover. Once I found myself near the back cooler, I finally knew I had found my home. Every time I go to hartwood beer now, I am always fulfilled by the sheer amount of options and exotic tastes afforded to beer lovers like myself. This “beer home” is further accentuated by the outstanding customer service and willingness of employees to track down any beer you could ever hope for. I love you, Hartwood Beer.

On 8/22/2023 Stephen W. had this to say:
I like everything about this fine store. I have been going there for years. There is a great selection of beers from local breweries - well labeled. In fact, the store shelves are really well organized. Many shelves have information about specific beers - and numerical ratings. All the good standard beers are there as well. The manager is a great help, and the staff are also helpful and informative. My favorite styles are IPAs and related beers as well as brown beers of all sorts. There are a lot! And - repeating myself - the staff and sometimes posted note cards - can help you to make a choice if you want to try something new. Final note - parking is easy!

On 4/28/2022 Shannon Frick had this to say:
Everyone is ALWAYS so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable!

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Hartwood Beer
3392 Saxonburg Blvd Suite 310 Glenshaw, PA 15116
Phone: (412) 767-4722

We are located in the Hartwood Towne Centre

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Phew! Let’s celebrate Friday by tasting some sips of a new-to-Pittsburgh product, Sea Isle Spiked Iced Tea! It’s the unofficial drink of the Jersey Shore! “Brewed by the sun and steeped in the salty air, crafted on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.” Sounds dee-licious to us!
Brett from Sea Isle and our very own Koren will help us taste all four yummy black tea flavors! Please stop under the red tent outside Hartwood Beer's parking lot - it’s a short walk from there to the Sea (Isle)!


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